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The Health Service Board administers health benefits for the employees, retirees and eligible family members of the City & County of San Francisco, the Unified School District, City College and the Superior Court. Two Health Service Board seats will become vacant on May 15, 2014, concluding the current terms of two of the Board's elected commissioners: Karen Breslin and Sharon Ferrigno.

As a result, the Department of Elections shall conduct an election from Monday, May 12, 2014 through Tuesday, May 27, 2014 for two Health Service Board Commissioners. The nomination period for candidates is from Friday, January 10, 2014 through Monday, February 10, 2014.

There are several categories of individuals who are eligible to run for the three elected seats on the Health Service Board. First, any active or retired employee, who is enrolled in a health plan of the Health Service System, is eligible to run. Second, any qualified surviving spouse or qualified surviving domestic partner of any active or retired employee is eligible to run. To be a "qualified surviving spouse" or "qualified surviving domestic partner," an individual: (a) must be enrolled in a health plan of the Health Service System; and (b) must have been married or in a domestic partnership (established pursuant to Administrative Code Sections 62.1 - 62.9), for at least one year prior to the death of his or her spouse or domestic partner. The now-deceased active or retired employee must have been enrolled in a health plan of the Health Service System at some point during his or her active employment. Individuals who are not members of the Health Service System, including those who are in a non-covered (exempt) status, are not eligible candidates.

All candidates must be nominated in writing by at least 20 individuals who themselves would be eligible to run for seats on the Health Service Board. That means each of the 20 nominating sponsors must be enrolled in Health Service System health plan, and must be an active employee, retired employee, qualifying surviving spouse or qualifying domestic partner. Although only 20 nominating sponsors are required for each candidate, additional sponsors may be submitted in the event that certain sponsors are determined to be ineligible.

2014 Health Service Board Election Notice and Calendar pdf
2014 Health Service Board Election Nomination Form pdf

All nominations must be on the official nomination form. Nomination forms and written acceptances must be received by the Health Service System no later than 5:00pm on February 10, 2014. After the Health Service System verifies the eligibility of each nominee and each of his or her sponsors, all completed nomination forms wil be sent to the Department of Elections.

Per the San Francisco City Charter, the seven-person board is made up of three commissioners who are elected by HSS members, two appointees selected by the Mayor, one commissioner recommended by the City Controller and one member of the Board of Supervisors.

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