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There will be no election for Health Service Board Commissioner in May 2015. Commissioner Wilfredo Lim, a Board incumbent, was uncontested. As a result Commissioner Lim will begin a new five-year term on June 11, 2015. Read the Department of Elections certification of the 2015 Health Service Board election.

Per the San Francisco City Charter, the Health Service System Board consists of seven members. Three of the Board Commissioners are elected by Health Service System members. When a Commissioner's term is due to expire, or otherwise becomes vacant, an election is conducted by the Director of Elections in a manner prescribed by ordinance. The term of an elected Health Service System Board Commissioner is five years.

There are several categories of individuals who are eligible to run for the four elected seats on the Health Service Board. First, any active or retired employee, who is enrolled in a health plan of the Health Service System, is eligible to run. Second, any qualified surviving spouse or qualified surviving domestic partner of any active or retired employee is eligible to run. To be a "qualified surviving spouse" or "qualified surviving domestic partner," an individual: (a) must be enrolled in a health plan of the Health Service System; and (b) must have been married or in a domestic partnership (established pursuant to Administrative Code Sections 62.1 - 62.9), for at least one year prior to the death of his or her spouse or domestic partner. The now-deceased active or retired employee must have been enrolled in a health plan of the Health Service System at some point during his or her active employment. Individuals who are not members of the Health Service System, including those who are in a non-covered (exempt) status, are not eligible candidates.

According to the rules defined in the Charter, the four appointed Health Service Board System Commissioners are comprised of one member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, two individuals appointed by the Mayor and one individual appointed by the Controller. One of the mayoral appointees must be an individual who regularly consults in the health care field, and the other must be a doctor of medicine.

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