October 1–31, 2014 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to make changes to your HSS-administered health benefits. You can:

  • Change your medical and/or dental plan.
  • Add or drop dependents from medical and/or dental coverage.
  • Enroll or re-enroll in a Flexible Spending
    Account (FSA).

If you take no action your current health plans and the dependents you have covered will remain the same in 2015. CCSF employees: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) do not roll forward. To contribute to an FSA in 2015, you must submit an Open Enrollment application in October 2014.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2014

If you would like to make changes, you may choose a different health plan, and add or drop dependents from coverage. Changes made to benefit elections during October 2014 Open Enrollment will take effect January 1, 2015. If you are making benefit election changes or enrolling in an FSA, HSS must receive your completed Open Enrollment application and required eligiblity documentation no later than 5:00pm on October 31, 2014.

CCSF and CRT Employees: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

A healthcare FSA allows you to pay pre-tax for up to $2500 in qualifying medical, dental, and vision expenses each year. Unused balances of $10 to $500 can be carried over and used in the next year. A Dependent Care FSA allows you to pay pre-tax for up to $5000 in qualifying child care or elder care each year. Unspent Dependent Care FSA funds cannot be carried forward. Restrictions apply: See your Benefit Guide for details.

CCD and USD Employees: New Pay Calendar and Rate Tables

Find the 2015 Plan Year Health Coverage and Deduction Calendar in your Open Enrollment Guide.

Municipal Executives 2015 Flex Credits and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

City & County municipal executives who receive flex credits only need to contact EBS during Open Enrollment if they wish to make changes to their management cafeteria plan benefits. If you do not wish to make changes, your current benefit choices (except FSAs) will remain the same for the 2015 plan year. To make changes to your management cafeteria plan benefits, or to make 2015 FSA contributions, call EBS at (800) 229-7683 during October 2014. You must complete enrollment by October 31, 2014.

If you have family coverage with Blue Shield or Kaiser Permanente, you will see an increase in the amount of flex credits provided in 2015. You will also be eligible for employer-paid Long-Term Disability Insurance. This does not apply to MEA police and fire members.

Retirees: New Premium Deduction Calendar and Dental Plan Changes

You will not have an HSS benefit deduction from your December pension check, but your HSS benefits will continue without interruption. This skipped deduction is a result of HSS no longer requiring premiums to be paid in advance of the coverage period. The Health Coverage Calendar in your Benefits Guide has more details. If you are on the Delta Dental PPO, your premium will increase slightly but your two preventive dental visits will not be charged against your $1000 annual maximum.

Active Employees: Make Well-being a Priority

The Health Service System (HSS) is not only dedicated to preserving and improving sustainable quality health benefits, but is also committed to enhancing the well-being of you and your families. This year we are highlighting the expanded wellness services available to you as an HSS member. Check out the expanded wellness portion of the website: Let's take wellness one step at a time — together.

  • First step: Make well-being a priority:
    Take the Well-being Assessment before
    November 17, 2014.

Check Your Mail: Benefits Guides to Arrive in Early October

In addition to the details you need to make an informed decision about your benefit choices for 2015, this year's open enrollment mailings also include the new Wellness Guide for all active employees. Make sure to check your mail.
City & County Employees Benefits Guidepdf
Municipal Executives Benefits Guidepdf
SFUSD Employees Benefits Guidepdf
SFCCD Employees Benefits Guidepdf
SFCCD Medical Plan Ratespdf
Retired Employees Benefits Guidepdf

Open Enrollment Forms for 2015 Plan Year

Use these forms for Open Enrollment only.
City & County Employeespdf
Municipal Executivespdf
SFUSD Employeespdf
SFCCD Employeespdf
Retired Employeespdf

New Rates

There are no changes to health plans or covered services this year except for an enhancement to retiree dental coverage. Your 2015 premium contributions will change. Check plan premiums before making 2015 enrollment decisions.

Some members will begin paying more in 2015. Overall, these new contribution models and favorable renewal rates contributed to preserving fair market competition. There are no simple solutions when it comes to maintaining healthcare quality while managing costs. 2015 rates mark the closest parity in rates between Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente.

Planning for the Future

Open enrollment is also an excellent time to update your beneficiaries. Download the Beneficiary Formpdf

Open enrollment is a time to plan for the next year. More than a quarter of adults have given little or no thought to end of life care, have you? Talking to your loved ones now about your wishes for medical care and treatment is the best way to ensure that your wishes will be respected. Visit the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California for the Conversation Guide and the Starter Kit. Take time this fall to explore your options: Review the information provided by your health plan.

  • Kaiser Permanente members
  • Blue Shield members
  • UHC members: Log in, select the "Mental Health
    and Substance Abuse" tab on the right side of the
    page to be redirected to the Live and Work Well
    page. Once at Live and Work Well site, type
    "Advance Directives" into the search tool.

Open Enrollment Has Moved

HSS Benefit Analysts will be available Monday–Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm in the new HSS Wellness Center on the first floor of 1145 Market Street. No appointment is necessary. Members are served in the order of their arrival. Additionally, the HSS Wellness Team will be available to discuss the wellness services available to HSS members including the Well-being Assessment for active employees. The health plan vendors will be on-site October 20-31, 2014.

HSS May Be Coming to Your Location

HSS Benefit Analysts will be available to answer questions and accept enrollment applications at these off-site enrollment events. See the calendar for more information.

2015 EOCs (Evidence of Coverage)

EOCs provide details about covered services, exclusions and requirements for obtaining service. Read EOCs carefully when making your plan selections for 2015.

Kaiser no Medicare pdf
Kaiser Medicare Secondary pdf
Kaiser Senior Advantage Medicare pdf

Blue Shield
Blue Shield Access+ employees pdf
Blue Shield 65 Plus Medicare Advantage pdf
Blue Shield Access+ Medicare Coordinated pdf
Blue Shield retirees without Medicare pdf

City Health Plan
UnitedHealthcare no Medicare pdf
UnitedHealthcare Medicare (medical) pdf
UnitedHealthcare Medicare (prescription) pdf

Delta Dental
Delta Dental employees pdf
Delta Dental retirees pdf

DeltaCare USA
DeltaCare USA employees and retirees pdf

Pacific Union Dental
Pacific Union Dental employees pdf
Pacific Union Dental retirees pdf

VSP (Vision Service Plan)
VSP employees and retirees pdf

Federally Mandated SBCs

The federal Affordable Care Act requires that HSS make these Summaries of Benefits and Coverage available for our non-Medicare medical plans.
Blue Shield SBCpdf
Kaiser SBCpdf
City Plan SBCpdf

2014 Flu Shot Clinics for Employees and Retirees

A free adult flu shot may be coming to the worksite near you. Review the Flu Shot Flyer for details on how to receive a flu shot through your health plan and a list of 13 worksite flu shot clinics: Employee and retirees welcome, no dependents. Additionally, there will be a retiree-only flu shot clinic on October 8. Employees must show employee ID. Retirees must show medical plan ID. Flu shot clinic supplies are limited. First come, first served.